Design850 – Recognized as a Social Media Leader in Tallahassee

Did you know that Design850 is consistently recognized as one of the top leaders in the social media world here in Tallahassee and throughout North Florida and South Georgia? While a lot businesses and individuals call themselves ‘experts’, the fact is that Design850 has been on social media longer that most of them and you know what, you won’t here me call myself an expert. The reason is that social media is still changing all the time and to say that someone is an expert means they have mastered all aspects which is just not possible.

Social Media is not a fad and is something that has to be done right or you will not see the return on your investment. So what is the biggest mistake that businesses here in Tallahassee make in regards to social media?

Here it is:


That’s right, the biggest mistake that businesses think that using social media platforms like Facebook is all about selling their products and services and they couldn’t be more wrong.

Did you just read that statement above? Take a moment and read it again. Social media is NOT about selling (though that is the end result that we want to have happen), it is about being social and sharing your expertise and knowledge so that when your clients are ready to buy products and services you offer, they think of you first and not your competitors.

I learned quickly in helping small businesses set up their social media presence is that the business owner HAS to be involved for the social media campaign to succeed. Why? Because they are the expert in their business, not me. So are you paying for a company to ‘do’ your social media?

Give me a call and let’s sit down and I’ll show you how you can market your businesses using social media the right way.